This blog is designed as a ‘notebook’ discussing examples of activism, resistance and change in society.  Activism and resistance can take many forms, can be subtle or open. This blog invites critical debates about different forms of activism and resistance, as well as individuals and organizations associated with it.

This blog is NOT designed to propagate any political views or avenues of social change. It does however invite both authors and readers to critically think about power structures and barriers to change in established social systems – be it organizations, communities and societies. Activism and resistance challenge these power structures and ‘irritate’ established systems. Sometimes they open up ways for change. Having said that, I invite discussions about what kind of ‘change’ is actually desirable and what ‘social progress’ can mean in today’s society.

As for myself, I teach Management at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, and I am an admirer of people who dare to speak up and stand up if things seem wrong and unjust. Please feel free to comment on posts and submit your own articles. I look forward to your contributions.

Email: stephan.manning@umb.edu
Twitter: @Stephan_Manning
Profile on Academia.edu: http://um-boston.academia.edu/StephanManning

My other blogs:

Movies and Society: http://moviesandsociety.wordpress.com/
Culture and Identity: http://cultureandidentity.wordpress.com/
Body, Mind, and Creativity: http://bodymindcreativity.wordpress.com/
Organizations and Social Change: http://organizationsandsocialchange.wordpress.com/


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